Elias Adams – 1792-1886

Elias served in the War of 1812, enlisting 17 September 1812 in the United States Army at Sacketts Harbor, New York. He served in Captain Benjamin Forsythe’s Rifle Company. Elias also served with Lieutenant Hamilton’s, Captain Smith’s, Captain Joseph Selden’s Companies and in the First United States Rifle Regiment.

Serving past the peace treaty of 1814, Elias was wounded three times in the battles of Ogdensburg, Little York, Fort George, Stony Creek and Odelltown, under the command of then Colonel Forsythe; Elias being known as one of the Colonel’s top riflemen.

During many encounters with Indians, who had been armed by the British, hand to hand combat was frequent. In one such skirmish against natives fighting under British Colonel Proctor, Elias had a bullet cut a slight nick in the division on the bottom part of his nose.

That evening his commanding officer, upon observing the wound remarked, “Well my boy, if it had been an inch closer, it would have spoiled your face.” To which Elias replied, “Yes Sir, and if it had been an inch further away, it never would have touched me!” Such fearlessness served him well on his pioneer adventure west.

Serving for five years, he was honorably discharged 28 September 1817 at New Madrid, Missouri. He set out for “the west”, intent upon taking up land for a homestead. Upon reaching Illinois, he located in a place to his liking and founded the town which would be named Quincy and the county, Adams, was named to honor an ancestor, John Adams. Elias became engaged in the manufacture of brick and also owned a prosperous flour mill.

For more details regarding Elias Adam’s War of 1812 experience see the online book Ancestors and Descendants of Elias Adams : The Pioneer 600-1930 (starting in Chapter 2, War of 1812).

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