Cyril Call – 1785-1873

Cyril Call enlisted in the Vermont Militia to serve his country on July 15, 1812, less than a month after Congress declared War on Great Britain on June 18, 1812. Cyril would begin his service in Captain Roswell Wilson’s Company, organized in the 4th Regiment, under Colonel William Williams.

Captain Wilson’s Company was stationed at Swanton Falls, by the Maquam Bay of Lake Champlain, 10 miles south of British territory. President Madison had passed the Enemy Trade Act that month, which forbade American citizens from supplying Canadians with goods. Some New Englanders flaunted the Act and declared their allegiance with Britain. Cyril and his fellow soldiers were charged with closing that part of the lake off to smugglers. Some of those smugglers would take the land route nearby, driving cattle into Canada and bringing goods back out. The company served until December 8th, when they were mustered out. Cyril returned home to his farm, his wife and his three young sons.

On September 25, 1813, Cyril Call enlisted in the militia once again, for a period of three months, again under the command of Captain Roswell Wilson. Wilson’s Artillery Company was organized in a regiment commanded by a Colonel Dickinson or Dixon, commanded by Brigadier General Elias Fassett. This was at the time of the “St Lawrence Campaign” that was a disaster for the United States.

Cyril answered the call for more manpower by American Brigadier General Alexander Macomb in mid-1814 as part of the Vermont militia, this time in Captain Josiah Grout’s company, which participated in the Battle of Plattsburgh that began on September 11, 1814, which resulted in an American victory, foiling British plans of seizing American territory during the war and helped lead to the Treaty of Ghent, which ended the war on December 14, 1814.

A few years after the war, Cyril and his wife, Sarah, moved their family with Cyril’s father’s family to Northeastern Ohio, where Cyril became a schoolteacher. In 1831, he and his wife joined the Church of Christ of Latter-day Saints, headed by Joseph Smith, and followed the Mormons through the country and eventually to Utah in 1850.

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