Our President’s Welcome…

Utah is not unique in its deep and cherished pioneer legacy, but many of its people hold a knowledge of and dear respect for the men and women whose faith and determination brought them through unimaginable sacrifice to this high mountain desert that would eventually “blossom as the rose”. Our ancestry defines us and our society in ways we cannot imagine nor our forebearers could anticipate.

In like ways, the major events of America’s second war of independence in 1812 helped to define and refine a fledgling nation and its people, proving to the world that we stand united and strong, and the great experiment of a Constitutional Republic can overcome all opposition.

The Utah Society of the War of 1812 educates about and promotes the exceptional valor and sacrifice made in the defense of our country by citizen patriots during the War of 1812, responding to the call to maintain our way of life and freedoms at a critical time in our history. Through our programs, commemorations, and gatherings we share with each other and with our neighbors a personal perspective about our own forebearers who participated in this important conflict. We seek to inspire the hearts of young and old alike with the same love of liberty, duty toward God and Country, and uncompromising dedication to our loved ones.

It is my hope that you will join with us to encourage and promulgate the message of liberty in the hearts of our beloved families, and to rekindle the fire of patriotism.

Kind Regards,

David G. Brewer